Park Student Brings Research to Reality With Google Glass

Robert Van Eman

Park University senior Robert Van Eman is developing a Google Glass app that would help emergency first responders.

Thank you for making Park University senior Robert Van Eman's dream become his reality. Because of gifts from alumni and friends to Park's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Robert is developing technology that could help firefighters see more clearly inside a burning building.

Robert, a military veteran, is building an app for Google Glass to help first responders in low-visibility environments. This augmented reality guidance system will apply a Sobel filter (an algorithm used in image processing) to the Google Glass' camera feed. The app will warn firefighters of dangers, such as heavy smoke or heated air and will allow quicker response time, ultimately decreasing the risk of injuries and fatalities.

A computer science and software engineering major at Park, Robert decided to pursue his research as part of the Honors Academy requirements. At this time, Google Glass is available to a small number of software engineers and app developers. The cost of one pair of Google Glass is about $1,500.

Robert's professors and their colleagues wrote grant applications to purchase the device because they were impressed by his research proposal. Although the grants were not funded, Dr. Emily Donnelli-Sallee, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, believed in his research and was able to use money donated by alumni and friends to purchase the Google Glass so Robert could change the future for our first responders.

Watch a news report on Robert's work.

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