The Howard Bailey McAfee Heritage Society

The Howard Bailey McAfee Heritage Society pays tribute to Howard Bailey, a truly remarkable man and benefactor of Park University. Howard Bailey was the second son of Park University co-founder Dr. John A. McAfee and his wife Anna Bailey McAfee. He was one of the "Original Seventeen" who arrived in Parkville in 1875 and graduated from one of Park's earliest classes. He earned a graduate degree in theology from McCormick Seminary and returned to Parkville to help his father run the fledgling Park, which he referred to as a "Midwest Adventure in Education." Howard worked tirelessly to keep Park afloat and moving forward and was truly Park's Renaissance man. He served as Park's Superintendent and Business Manager for several years, served as fundraiser and secretary for the Board of Trustees, as well as mayor of the city of Parkville. In those roles he was able to spearhead many improvements to both Park College and Parkville, including oversight of many of Park's building projects including the historic Mackay Hall.

Through the society that bears his name we can help carry on Howard's tireless work and boundless spirit ensuring the financial strength of our beloved University far into the future. The Howard Bailey McAfee Heritage Society recognizes, as well as honors, donors who provide for Park University's future with legacy gifts made through estate or deferred gift plans. Gifts of this sort take many forms such as a will bequest, personal or charitable trust, life income plan, life insurance policy, retirement fund or charitable gift annuity.